January 2022 Week 4




Today My friend, I would like to remind you that you are of great value, and that you are unique!

Yes, God created you for yourself as you are, and he did very well.  There are no two like you, and that’s good!  You are unique !  (see Psalm 139.14-16)

The world needs you as you are.  He doesn’t need a second Reinhard Bonnke or a second Joyce Meyer.  The people around you, your entourage, need you, the authentic “you”, the original “you”.

I really like this quote from the writer Oscar Wilde: “Be yourself, the others are already taken.”

Be yourself, my friend: this is how God created you, and this is how you can make a difference for him, around you!

Be blessed !

Seth Emerson Moulongo Goma



The Lord Jesus Christ created us with a magnificent plan!  He likes to use each of us when we make ourselves available to Him.  So, let the Potter be completely free to do with us what He wants, in order to prepare us to become a vessel of honor.

Anyone can change.  However, changing for the better is intentional and based on choices filled with wisdom.  Because any spiritual transformation to look like Jesus is the work of the Holy Spirit.

You  can choose to become a vessel of honor!  Do not let the enemy of your soul, your past or your shortcomings prevent you from abandoning yourself entirely in the expert hands of the Potter.

This is how the apostle Paul spoke of it when he said: “In a large house there are not only vases of gold and silver, but there are also wood and earth; some are vases of honor, and the others are of base use. ”  (Read 2 Timothy 2.20.)

In reality, it is not because we are in the house of God that we are automatically a vessel of honor.  The good news is that this choice is ours.

Today, why not declare: “Lord Jesus, You are the Expert of transformation. I know that You want to transform me so that I am at your service. On this earth, I will never be perfect. But as long as  “there will be in me the breath of Your life, I will be continuously in transformation and at Your service. I offer myself entirely to You! Thank you for making me a vessel of honor for Your glory.”

Thank you to exist.

 Min. Seth


I am fortunate to be part of a group of friends who laugh all the time. This is not always the case and we have sometimes had moments of divergence in our Bible studies and others but there is one thing  that we have learned to love and keep is the joy of living together.

Before Jesus left the disciples who felt rather lost, He took the time to reassure them by saying to them, “I told you this so that you would have My joy and so that your joy would be complete.”  (Read John 15.11.)

My friend, Jesus prayed this for His disciples and for you: “Now, Father, I am going to You. But, I say these words in the world, so that they may have My joy in themselves,  total joy. ”  (Read John 17.13.)

Today, why not refuse the silence that fear, doubt, and anxiety want to impose on you?  You were filled with the Holy Spirit the day you made Jesus Christ your Lord!  To live life to the full that God has for you is to let His joy overflow into everything you do wherever you are!  Laughter is a grace.

Min. Seth