June 2021 week 2

Monday June 7

“Bad people, liars, open their mouths against me, they talk about me to tell lies.  Their hateful words surround me on all sides, and they attack me for no reason.  I have friendship for them.  In return, they accuse me, but I pray for them “Psalm 109.2-4


Have you ever experienced slander, rumor, hatred?  Yes of course !  We are all faced with this.  But the worst is when the attacks come from relatives, friends, family members – in short, people we love and trust.

During his lifetime, the author of this psalm, David, had bitter experience of it many times: despised by his brethren;  wrongly accused by his stepfather;  betrayed for his son;  insulted by his own subjects, etc.

And yet, what an extraordinary declaration!  When his friends accuse him and turn on him, he doesn’t seek revenge!

How is it possible ?  It seems so unnatural to us who love to defend ourselves, justify ourselves and take our revenge… David’s secret?  Prayer: “But I pray for them.”  Only time spent in the presence of the perfect and righteous God can give us the strength to accomplish what is impossible for us: to give up vengeance.  When we are visited by the love of the Father, we hand over our burdens and hurts to Him.

To forgive is not to forget or deny the damage you have suffered.  To forgive is to have faith in the perfect righteousness of God.

Do you think that it is not possible to forgive, that you will never have the strength to do so?  It’s normal !  Go and seek help from God in prayer, and he will perform a miracle.

Min Seth

Tuesday June 8

On three occasions, Peter deliberately lied about his relationship with Jesus, and it must have been the most cruel failure of his life, as he betrayed his master to whom he had made a more than convincing statement: “When I needed  die with you, I will not deny you. ”  (Mark 14.31) During this evening when Jesus is going to be arrested and beaten, the strength, zeal and will of Peter will be wiped out to make way for a man who will never be the same again.  A few days later, he is again broken inside in the face of the risen Jesus, who asks him three times: “Do you love me?”  (John 21.17) By questioning him in this way, Jesus wants to erase in Peter the memory of his three denials and make him understand that it is time for him to turn the page, to leave this failure behind and to move on.  the front!

Like Peter, the winds of trial have blown over your life and you have lost your bearings.  Alone and completely abandoned by all, you may have denied God by your actions or your words.


Are you going to let yourself be overwhelmed by this failure or will you accept to be restored?  As you entrust your failures to God, you will realize that in addition to making you well, He will change circumstances in your favor and pull you up!


« Truly I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain: “Depart from there and throw yourself into the sea”, and if he does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he  said arrives, it will be granted » Mark 11:23.

When Jesus said we were to speak to the mountain and order him to “get out of there and throw himself into the sea”, that was a drastic injunction.You see, we usually talk about “mountains” or challenges in our lives, but God tells us that we have to speak directly to those mountains and respond to them with the Word of God. In Luke 4: 1-12 when Satan tried to tempt Jesus in the wilderness, the Lord answered every temptation with verses.  He tirelessly cited scriptures that directly countered the lies and deceptions of the devil.  When we go through hardships, many of us try to do the same for a while, but we get discouraged when we don’t see quick results.  We then stop speaking the Word and start speaking from our emotions again.Perseverance is an essential key in obtaining victory.  Continuously proclaiming the word of God is powerful and absolutely necessary to overcome problems and overcome difficult situations.  Know what you believe in and be determined to stick with it until the end.


« Let your conduct not be guided by the love of money, be content with what you have » Hebrews 13.5

Let’s stop for a moment and ask ourselves the question, “What makes me happy?”


“Attach yourself to the realities above, not to those on the earth.”  (Colossians 3.2) It is a choice, a decision, a lifestyle that one chooses, putting the priorities in the right place.  Let’s get attached to the realities above because that’s where we’re going to spend eternity, and that’s the reality.

Getting attached to things on this earth is not the reality.  And even if you live 100 years, it is far from eternity.  We came into the world with nothing and we will leave it with nothing.  Yes, of course enjoy and enjoy the life God has given you, eat and drink good things, travel, play the sport you love.  It’s great, but it’s still fleeting.  Investing for your soul is the ultimate choice, and this is where the real joy comes from.

Friday June 11

God gives us hope and dreams that certain things will happen in our lives, but he does not always allow us to know the exact time of his plans to be fulfilled.  While it’s frustrating not knowing the deadlines, that’s often what keeps us going.

When we accept God’s agenda, we learn to be hopeful and enjoy life, while God deals with our problems.  Exodus 13: 17-18 tells us, that during their journey to the Promised Land, God made the Israelites take the most difficult and least direct route, because he knew they were not yet ready to enter it.  .  They first had to go through a period of training and had to live through very trying situations.  At every step, God never stopped taking care of them and showing them what he wanted them to do.

The same is true in our lives … When we go through a time of training, God simply asks us to do what he asks of us, when he asks us to, without asking questions or trying to control everything.  .

It doesn’t matter how long it takes.  We can be confident that the best decision to make is always to submit to God’s agenda.