Message: “A study of teachings of Christ” from Pastor Joe

Joe Summers - December 6, 2020

A study of teachings of Christ

A study of teachings of Christ Lesson Objective:  To look at a few of the parable and teachings of Christ to determine how to apply the lessons to our lives today. Scripture:  Book of Matthew What are parables and why did Christ teach in parables? Stories that use everyday understandings to teach The Bible tells of others using parables 2 Samuel 12:1 Why did Christ speak in parables Matthew 13: 10-16 1 Corinthians 2: 10-14 Hebrews 4:2 Sample Parables and teachings Matthew 7: 1-5 Judging others We are quick to judge others Why not to judge We do not know the whole story about anyone else Do not talk to me unless you have walked in my shoes Matthew 8: 23-27 Calming the raging sea We should never be concerned with whatever is happening in our life God is in control and we must not forget that fact Mathew 11: 1-5- John the Baptist – are you the one? Christ never answered them directly with a yes or no answer What would happen if someone ask if you are a Christian Matthew 14: 25-32 - Peter walking on water We often times take our eyes off of Christ We reach out to Christ when we are in need Matthew 15: 10-20- What comes out the mouth comes from the heart One can never take back what has been said Often times people will say they are joking but they are quite serious Matthew 21: 28-32 Parable of Two sons Are we the ones who hear what is being said but have no real action Ask Seek Knock We must constantly seek more understanding of God’s word and desire for our lives  

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