Message: “Is it Real or is it Memorex”

- April 5, 2020

Is it Real or is it Memorex

Is it Real or is it Memorex? Lesson Objective: To self examine to determine if our actions truly reflect our belief. Scripture: John 12: 12-14; Zechariah 9:9; 2 Kings 9:13; Mark 15: 12-13 Introduction More than 30 years ago there was a commercial that aired on TV which compared a live singer ( Ella Fitzgerald) to a cassette tape where glass was shattered by the voice and the question was “is it live/real or memorex. The question we ask today “ are we living a real/true life as a Christian or are we really not the real thing but an imitation. Palm Sunday Celebrated Recognized as the beginning of the last week of the life of Jesus on earth before his crucifixion` Recognized in all four gospels Fulfilling the prophesy in the Old Testament Zachariah 9:9 2 Kings 9:13 Daniel 9: 23-27 70 weeks prophesy (490 years) (Numbers 14:34) Fullfilling the prophesy of Christ Matthew 16: 21-22 People did not see Christ as the real Son of God Were the People real believers of Christ? People shouted hosanna which is interpreted Savior John 12: 12-14 People came because they thought he was going to save them from political persecution. They did not see him as the Son of God Christ came on a donkey ( sign of peace) vs Revelations when he comes on a white horse ( sign of war) Christ came to bring peace Luke 19: 41-42 Why did the people turn against Christ? They called for his crucifixion Mark 15: 12-14 Were they pretenders earlier in the week? What does that mean for us? Is there enough evidence to prove that you are a Christian? Is our faith genuine or only when it meets our needs? Are we willing to take a stance when something is not biblically correct?  

Scripture References: Zechariah 9:9

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