Message: “Redemption Through Christ” from Minister Innomasa

Minister Innomasa - November 24, 2019

Redemption Through Christ

Redemption Through Christ

Looking in the mirror and what do I see? Lesson Objective:  To understand the importance of living a Christian lifestyle that results in being a true witness for Christ. Scripture:  Joshua 2: 1-6 , 1 Samuel 16:7   Introduction: Quote from a person that I just met.  “and my collague told me that you are a Christian, me too”. I love Christians. They are so kind. I was just baptized last year. Quote from another person..  It happens that sometimes when we talk to people who do not come to Church or who do not want to come to Church, They say that they do not come because the people who serve do the same things that they do. Which person do you see when you  look in the mirror? Why do you look in the mirror? What did Rahab see about the two spies that led her to protect them.? Joshua 2: 1-6 What does God look at when he looks at us? 1 Samuel 16:7 Are you living in such a way that people see your heart or just the ourside? Show love – John 13:35 Known by your fruit Matthew 12:23 Matthew 7: 17-18 Are you the one? John the Baptist disciples asked  Christ  Luke 7: 20 Luke 7: 17-23 Christ response was tell him what you have seen. Causing others to stumble Matthw 18:6-7 Romans 14: 21 1 Corinthians 8:13 So What!!!!! Who do you look at in the Bible as an example?  For some people you are the example that they see.  You may be the gateway for them to read the Bible.

Scripture References: John 3:16

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