Message: “Self-Control” from minister Leroy

minister Leroy - June 21, 2020


JINAN INTERNATIONAL CHRISTIANS FELLOWSHIP (JICF)   SELF-CONTROL (Galatians 5: 22-23) All the fruit of the Spirit is the result of love and what keeps it all together is "self-control." Definition Temperance or self-control is a virtue that moderates passions and desires. So it's the act of controlling our feelings, our thoughts. SELF CONTROL AND ITS IMPORTANCE Matthew 7: 16-20 Just because the fruit looks good on the outside doesn't mean it's good on the inside. We have to be careful about our fruits. What image do we give to others as Christians, as children of God? how do we treat others? We must remember that we can do the right thing with God's help. God cannot ask us to do something without giving us the ability. If He asks us to walk in the Spirit to manifest the fruit of the Spirit is that we are able to do it. It’s actually our way of thinking that blocks the manifestation of things in our lives. If we say I can't, we couldn't. Let's use self-control to change the way we think, see things, use self-control to constantly renew our minds. Self-control also means praying ahead of the situations in our lives that we want to change. This is why we must always start our days with a presence or a communication with God to give him control. The very act of letting God take control of our lives requires self-control from our side. We have our part to do, God also has his part but because in certain circumstances we do not do our part this is the reason why certain promises of God are slow to be fulfilled in our lives. 2 Corinthians 5:14, self-control also means saying "NO" Jesus died for us so that all things that are not healthy in us and for us also die with him. That’s why these things no longer have any power over us and every time all kinds of negative thoughts come into our thinking system we need to be able to say NO firmly and with love for God. Because the more we love God, the more we control ourselves because we want to please Him not by our efforts but simply by doing our part and praying that God will do the rest. Let’s get up from our bad attitude and with the help of God let’s walk towards this wonderful creature that we are using self-control as a friend. Self-control also means controlling our clothes. What is it before us when we come out? Know that we represent God. Let's do it for the love of God. Let us dress decently and neatly while taking good care of ourselves. We must give thanks to God for having given us this ability and for putting this wonderful fruit within us so that we cannot be controlled by our feelings, thoughts and wills.     HOW TO DEVELOP SELF CONTROL 1 Corinthians 9:25 To think of self-control apart from the enabling strength of God is to think impractically. Self –control without the strength of God is like taking a trip without a road map or guide. God’s word helps define what it is. When we have the desire to treat our body harshly to obtain an incorruptible crown, our salvation, we have this capacity within us to give up certain habits. To do this we must develop self-control based on the strength that God has put in us. Obedience to the word and principles of God is a fundamental key to developing self-control. LOVE AND SELF-CONTROL Colossians 3-14 Love is action, it's the way we treat everyone including everyone who doesn't treat us properly. God loved us so much that he gave his only son, the more we love others the more we give and the happier we are. The more we are a blessing to others the more we are joyful. Knowing that we cannot be loved by everyone but yet we must love everyone and this requires regular discipline accompanied by self-control. JOY AND SELF CONTROL 1 Peter 3-10 We can increase our joy by controlling our language. May your words of comfort, of praise, that sincere compliments come out of our mouth for our blessings and fulfillment but also for the others around us. It is not our circumstances that steal our joy but rather the way we think about it or face it. We have the power to keep calm in the face of adversity because the joy of the Lord is our strength.   REMEMBER: Like a city whose walls are broken down is a man who lacks self-control. Our thoughts influence our mouth, our mouth influences our actions, our actions influence our habits, our habits influence our character and our character influences our destiny. Let us exercise daily self-control in order to glorify the Lord and to remain in the ways that he has already traced in advance for us for his Glory.     May God bless us abundantly!!!

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