Message: “Songs of Solomon” from Pastor Joe

Joe Summers - March 14, 2021

Songs of Solomon

Songs of Solomon

Study of Songs of Solomon ( Song of Songs) Lesson Objective: To review the book of Songs of Solomon as it explains our love relationships and serves as an introduction to  the upcoming lesson on Excellence and as it relates to dating and marriage. Scripture:  Entire book of Songs of Solomon with emphasis on the following verse: 8: 10;  Proverbs 18: 22; Introduction Authorship attributed to Solomon ( 1:1) One of the books of poetry – Hebrew name Solomon’s Songs of Songs One of Five scrolls read during major Jewish festivals and always read during Passover Similarity to Proverbs 5:15-20; 6:24-29;7:6-23 - Wisdom Several Different Interpretations Maiden and Solomon Maiden, Solomon and a Shepard God and Israel Christ and the church ( Ephesians 5: 25) Discusses the love each has for the other Principle characters Solomon Maiden- Shulamite Maiden court (friends) Chapter 1 Begins with maiden professing love for the King Proverbs 1: 2-3 King professes love for the maiden 1: 9-11 Chapter 2 Chastity 2:7 Speaks of singular love 2: 16 Chapter 3 She longing for him 3: 1-4 Again chastity 3: 5 Chapter 4 He continues to profess his love for her 4: 1-4 She responds to him 4: 16 Purity 4:12 (She) Chapter 5 She continues to profess her love for him Friends ask why does she love him so much? verse 9 Also should ask question -  Why me? She continually shares her love of him 5: 10-13 Chapter 6 and 7 They continue to shower each other with sweet poetry 6: 4-6 (He) 7: 1-4 ( He) 7: 9-10 (She) Chapter 8 The need again for chastity 8: 4; (She) 8: 8-9 (Friends) Her response – 8: 10 Her love cannot be purchased- 8: 11-12; So What Proverbs 18: 22 The meaning of true love between a man and a women Importance of choosing the proper mate Understanding what can prevent such a happy marriage    

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