Message: “The Kingdom of God” from Min. Theophilus

Min. Theophilus - December 19, 2021

The Kingdom of God

The Kingdom of God (model) Objective Identifying and overcoming what causes the Church’s inclusion with the world: that which divides the work of God and life itself, as individuals and as a whole Learn about the Kingdom of God through a natural model simple to relate with An invitation from the ‘I AM’ to take full part in His Kingdom today, not tomorrow.     Jesus Christ Ephesians 1 vs. 3-10 and 13-14, Rom 8 vs. 19, 21 The children of God!     The Kingdom of God Luke 13 vs. 18 - 21 - “What shall I compare it with?” Jesus used so many different illustrations to liken the kingdom/work of God, they all had something in common but they were not the same We are all given different missions by God but He is the common denominator God + our lives = The Kingdom of God Let’s figure out how so…   Let’s take a moment to look at this picture, view the creatures in the water and the submarine. Think of what you can imagine about it? The Model God-The Father (His Love) - The Sea (John 3 vs. 16) The Son - The Water (John 14 vs. 10-11) The Spirit - The life/nature from the water (Rom 8 vs.5 - 11) Our (souls/hearts/mind) - living creatures of the sea (Gal 2 vs. 1-10) The world/earth - the environment in the sea The ‘world’ - the submarine and its purposes Mankind/people - members of the submarine The ruler of the ‘world’ - owner/driver of the submarine John 12 vs. 25/Matt 10 vs. 39 - leaving our lives and living for Christ (Kingdom of God) Disobeying God in the name of convenient excuses, often God’s commands seem not to apply with logic because He isn’t like man (the first sin) Remember Matt 7 vs. 21-23   Conclusion/So what Everyone who is alive in Christ holds a responsibility in the Work of God: to make their entire life all about serving God. God does not work under logic (limitless God); He waits for our faith to be practiced in trusting that all things will work for good to those who trust in Him and follow His commands. Let’s observe our lives [take everything(3) and put it on the table, pick out all that is acceptable to put in the basket, that is Jesus Christ and carry that basket only, on our way to the end in the journey of life.] in relation to the Kingdom of God. While the world is building treasures and accomplishments of this earth, Let our hearts and plans/goals be set on the treasures of heaven which will last forever for the time to earn them is now (showing love to each other and anyone before us, growing faith by practicing the word of God in our lives, laying on peace with/among everyone, witnessing for Christ to people around us) Most importantly, let us focus on the work we have been given by our Father to achieve in Jesus Christ (Gifts of the spirit, working in the church of Christ, applying our skills/visions to uplift God’s Glory and make Him known) Amen!        

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