Message: “Trust The Process” from Elder Clarence

Elder Clarence - December 20, 2020

Trust The Process

Trust The Process

• The Journey is as or more important than the destination The bride of Christ 2 Corinthians 11 v 2 Amos 3 v 3 Not Married Married Our Journey Carnal man’s perception From •    Uneducated •    Unemployment •    Poverty •    Sickness •    Sorrow TO •    Educated •    Employment •    Wealth •    Health •    Joy Our Journey  God’s Perspective Imperfection •    Doubt •    Self Reliance •    Disobedience To Perfection •    Trust in the Lord •    Reliance in the Lord •    Adherence to the Lord James 1 v 2 - 4 Israel's Journey Egypt •    Captivity – no freedom •    Poverty •    Disobedience •    Self Reliance •    Trust in self or others Canaan •    No longer Slaves •    Milk and Honey – abundance •    Obedience •    Depending on God •    Trust in God What is your Canaan? •    The job you want •    The relationship you seek •    The success of your loved ones •    Money, House, Car, food, e.t.c Why 40 years not teleportation? •    Maturity is and part of the journey is realising Canaan is not what we need its just what we want Psalm 23 v 1 •    Israel thought the desert and the fortified cities was their problem when in fact it was their disbelief. •    Our biggest problem as the church is disbelief. Philipians 3 v 3 •   3 For we [Christians] are the true circumcision, who worship God in spirit and by the Spirit of God and exult and glory and pride ourselves in Jesus Christ, and put no confidence or dependence [on what we are] in the flesh and on outward privileges and physical advantages and external appearances •   3 En réalité, c’est nous qui sommes circoncis de la vraie circoncision puisque nous rendons notre culte à Dieu par son Esprit et que nous mettons toute notre fierté en Jésus-Christ  u lieu de placer notre confiance dans ce que l’homme produit par lui-même.

Scripture References: 2 Corinthians 11:2

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