Message: “Victory and Double Strength” from Elder Jacquie

Elder Jacquie - January 1, 2020

Victory and Double Strength

Wednesday, January 1st 2020 VICTORY & DOUBLE STRENGTH Book of Joshua Chapter 1 (Message for the year 2020)       Introduction: Malachi 3:10 & Psalm 65:11: Blessings and Promises from God to us. Because we have acknowledged and honored Our God by committing our first hours, our first thought, our presence unto Him, overflow shall be our portion and accompany us all this year and the years to come. In Jesus name. Amen.   Just like the Children of Israel led by Joshua by the river Jordan are ready to go in and conquer, we too are at the border of our promised land and are reminded by God that Victory awaits us on the other side but with that assurance we have to be geared with strength (Psalm 28:7-8), Faith and Obedience to claim it. This new year, God wants us to see, enjoy and really possess the victory He secured for us. He commands us to overcome, to be free and to be strong ttherefore He gave clear strategies on how we can assuredly win.     VICTORY IS OURS. (Joshua 1:1-5) God made it clear from the begin, what, where, how far lay His promise and He commanded Joshua to lead His people and go occupy it. This territory, this promised victory isn’t just a mere promise, or something that He has to form once they got there, or conditioned by how strong they are, and whether they win? No. It is an accomplished promised, safe and secured in and by God (Ecclesiastes 3:15/ Ephesians 1:3). We will be successful when the direction and the goals are clear. Knowing the exact and specific territory to conquer will boost our Faith. We are not just going forward, but we are going forward with assurance, conviction, purpose and vision (Proverbs 29:18): to occupy what is Ours.   Prayer: God reveal and specify to us your vision and purpose for our lives throughout this year and Holy Spirit give us the gift of obedience and the unwavering Faith (James 1:6) to follow where You lead, Just like Joshua. In Jesus name. Amen   HE KNOWS WE ARE AFRAID & HE GOT US (Joshua 1:7-9) The promised land wasn’t just a simple, ready-for grab place. It was a place crawling with giants and other occupants. Fights are inevitable, and promising to be fierce and we have to use violence to gain it. So, only those who endures and who fights until the end will win and see the promise. God knows, we can’t compete with the enemy but it is comforting to know that We have a Great God who isn’t worried about the size of our enemies or the fact that we are weak, unqualified, inadequate, insecure or the size of our enemies. And as we enter this New year, and through it, we have to remember that Our God knows all that and that He already prepared a way out. He sent His word ahead. He commanded Joshua “Be strong and courageous, for I am with you. I’ll never leave nor forsake you”. He spoke His word into being, just like when He created the world. He spoke and it Was (Psalm 33:9). God’s Word is Himself manifested (John 1:1-5). And as He commanded, Joshua received Strength and courage to do as God said. Therefore, we believe that we have receive; strength and courage to conquer because He has spoken His word into existence in us.  The Almighty God is in us and with us, therefore who can be against us.   Prayer: Heavenly Father, when we feel weak, and defeat threaten our lives – do not allow us to give in to fear and intimidation – but just as you shook Joshua when you said “Have I not commanded you”? shake us to realize that the battle is already won and that it is Yours. Remind us that You are our strength, that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us (Philippians 3:14), and that we are more than a conqueror in you Jesus (Romans 8:33). In Jesus name. Amen   TAKE HIM AT HIS WORDS (LITERALLY) Joshua 1: 10-18 Matthew 1:3. Says we should have a Faith like that of a child, if we want God’s Kingdom. When God commanded, Joshua executed. This is what God wants from us this year and the years to come. Trust Him and His words. Do as He say. No rationalization, logic, intellectualism, human intelligence or questioning, for He is far beyond our understanding (Isaiah 55:8-9). Just trust and Obey. It is as simple as that. God doesn’t need our understanding to interpret His instructions. If we want to be victorious this year, we have to stop allowing our feelings to lead us and stop leaning on our intelligence (Proverbs 3:5-6). Even when we don’t see it (Hebrews 11:1), or when we don’t understand the way He takes, we must hang on to His words and trust His leading, our lives depend on it, and our God is Trustworthy.   Prayer: Though we are intellectuals, Lord create in us a childlike Faith so we can live victorious for your Glory. In Jesus name. Amen.   HELP OTHERS (Joshua 1:14-15) Finally, being mindful and caring for others is one requirement God has put down for us to enjoy our blessings. God sent the strong ones among His people, through Joshua’s command to go and secure their brother’s portion before coming back and claiming theirs. We can’t conquer and be selfish, thinking about our own battle, our own gain, our own needs (Philippians 2:3-4). We have to have a heart for the Kingdom of God and His people (Ephesians 6:18). We must support each other, help each other, encourage each other, through prayers, our faithfulness and integrity towards God. We are to be there for each other (John 15:12-13). As servants of the Lord, for example, when we neglect God’s Lordship in our lives, we rob others and ourselves of God’s blessings. When we preach, when we sing, when we welcome people, they won’t witness God, they’ll only see us. The Holy Spirit can’t move through and touch the people of God because there aren’t available vessels. And so, we also fail God. We must keep the main thing, the main Thing i.e. God first, so that what we do won’t be vain but will built eternal glory for the Lord. (Psalm 127:1-2)     Prayer: Create in us a willing heart to be used by you Lord. Deliver us from the deception of religious Spirit. Help us not to worry about our own fate for ours are already secured in You, instead make us sensitive to your call to be there for others. Increase us in love and Humility. May Your Kingdom come, your will be done, in our lives, and all over the world. In Jesus name. Amen.     May God’s presence lead us daily. His Holy Spirit keep the zeal for His House and His Holy fire burning in us. May God lead our paths and the desire of our Heart. May His Mighty protection cover us always. May The holy spirit keep His light shining within us. May we grow closer, and planted deeper in Him. May God make us more and more like Him.   Glory to The Almighty God alone. In Jesus Christ Our Lord. God bless us all.                    

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