Message: “Why am I Angry With You?” from Pastor Joe

Joe Summers - December 22, 2019

Why am I Angry With You?

Why am I Angry With You?

Why Am I Angry With You? Lesson Objective: To look at what the Bibel says is often the cause of the breakdown of love in the Church and often times in our relationships. Scripture:  James Chapter 4 Overall overview of the book of James Attributed to James the brother of Jesus Was a convert to the early Church- Galatians 2:9 Galatians 1:19 James believed in the practicle use of faith Many see it like the book of Proverbs James 2:17 Christianity is to change our lives Why do we fight and quarrel? James 4: 1 – caused by inward battle – fight flesh against spirit We allow our desires to cause us to covert what others have and when we cannot get it we fight Verse 2 What do we covert.. material things rather than spiritual peace and harmony in our lives We have not because we do not ask God—James 4: 2 Why do we not ask God? When we do ask why does God not provide We ask for the wrong motives 4:3 Acts 8: 18-24 We must learn to be content with what we have and to not covert or want what others may have

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