Message: “Why Is This So Hard To Say” from Pastor Joe

Joe Summers - July 28, 2019

Why Is This So Hard To Say

Why Is This So Hard To Say Lesson Objective: To look at why asking and forgiving is so hard to do for us as Christians.his is an area where we can do some self evauation as we discussed last week. Scripture:  Matthew 18: 21-35; Review of the parable of the Unforgiving Servant.  A  This is the middle of three discussions by Christ on the broad subject of forgiveness.  1) disagreement between two Christians  Matthew 18: 15-20 2) parable of unforgiving servant Matthew 18: 21-35 3) divorce Matthew 19: 1-10 B.  Detailed discussion of the parable 1. Verses 23-25  A man was bought before the master because he owed money and did not have the money to repay. a. Does not say that he had done anything wrong but could not pay b.  Master ordered that he and his fanily be sold into bondage for payment 2. Verses 26-27  Man asked for mercy and patience so that he would have time to pay the debt a.  Man said he wanted time to pay the debt b.  Master did more than what was asked but  also forgave debt. 3.Verses 28-30 Man found someone who  owed him money and that person asked for mercy and patience a.  Actually owed far less money but he denied him mercy b. Had him to be put into jail in a situation where he could not repay him 4.  Verses 31-35  Man was reported to the master and was put in jailed and tortured a.  If we want mercy and forgiveness we must also be willing to forgive b. Special attention  “from the heart” C.            Why is it difficut  to say  “Please forgive me” 1. One of the main reasons is umwillingness  to accept responsibiilty  for our actions Genesis 3:12;  3:13; 2. Another reason is pride  Proverbs 11:2  13:10   Saying that I am sorry even when you  do not think you did not do anything wrong is ok.  Shows humility D. Why is it difficult to say I forgive and truly mean it from the heart 1, We are taught to get even at an early age-  eye for an eye 2.  Christ taught something different Matthew 5: 38-39 E. How do we find a way to say Forgive me and to forgive? 1.  The only way is thru true love 2. Love is patient and kind 1 Corinthians 13:4 3. Love does not dishonor or hurt others 1 Corinthians 13:5 F. Love is the rule of thumb for all Christians..   John 13:34 Ephesians 4:32 Colossians 3:13 Points to ponder: Why it sometimes happens that after asking forgiveness to each other it might happen that sometimes the relationship with the friend, brother is not the same anymore? Or you think you have forgiven each other but the relationship is not as good as it used to be? Can we forgive and forget? What happened if you think you have forgiven someone but you still feel the wound of the hurt when you see the person. Does it mean you didn’t really forgive them? How to know that you have really forgiven each other? Is there any sign, feeling or whatever it might be proving or testifying that you have forgiven each other?

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