Message: “Wisdom The Desire of All Part 1I” from Joe Summers

Joe Summers - November 12, 2023

Wisdom The Desire of All Part 1I

Wisdom The Desire of All- Part II Lesson Objective: To continue the discussion on the importance of searching for and receiving wisdom. Scriptures: Book of Proverbs A. The Bible discusses worldly and heavenly wisdom in James Chapter 3. The chapter discusses the abuse in the use of the tongue and the lack of true wisdom when we use worldly thoughts -- James 3: 13-17 B. Some blessings are conditional and some are non- conditional- verses Chapter 2: 1-4 are conditional ( IF) ( Then) C. We must continually seek wisdom and understanding and discernment – 2: 1-3 D. What is the value of wisdom and understanding 2: 4 E. Wisdom is better than silver or gold-- Chapter 8: 10-11 F. What do you gain?- Chapter 2 Verses 5-8 and 9- 15 G. Wisdom is to hate what God hates 8: 13 H. God is wisdom—8:17 I. Wisdom is to be kept close to us at all times- 7: 1-4 J. If we fail to keep wisdom close than we are like the unwise in Chapter 7 a. Verse 5—we are seduced by a stranger b. 7:7 and 1:4 – what happens when there is no understanding c. 7: 7-8 we sometimes do things in the dark but we cannot hide from God. d. What is the first step in use of wisdom????? e. She seduces him and he falls from Grace. K. We must constantly seek wisdom and understanding to fight temptation a. Verse 7: 24-25

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