October 2020 week 4


It happens in life that no matter how hard we have been praying to look for God to enter in our situations he doesn’t answers and we become so much desperate thinking that God has forgotten about us.The bible tells us the story of the young Joseph who received the promise of God that he shall reign above his brothers but yet this same story shows us what Joseph went through.Because of his dream he was sold as a slave in Egypt and ended up being in jail for 13 years because he didn’t want to sin.I can imagine Joseph being in jail saying « God you have forgotten me,I thought I was a child with a great promise » but the story ends up by Joseph being a great in the country of Egypt.When God remembers you,it doesn’t matter how long it’s been that way.It doesn’t matter how impossible it looks God will turn it around for you.My pastor Joseph summers usually tells us during our Sunday service that when you ask for something God always answers us in two ways which are “Yes” or “I have something better for you just wait”.

The Bible tells us in Isaiah 49:15-16 “I will not forget you.I have engraved you into the palm of my hand”.

My prayer for you today is that You always stay in trust knowing that GOD REMEMBERS YOU.


“Every excellent grace and every perfect gift descend from above, from the Father of lights, in whom there is no change and no shadow of variation.”  James 1.17

Unfortunately many people remain in fear of God because they have a bad image of him.  They are worried and live their Christian life with trembling.  (James 1.17)

Some see God as picky, insatiable, and hard to please.  Their souls are in pain because they constantly seek to deserve his love, and be careful if they stumble… Others think that God is selective: “Will he choose me?”, “Does he love me?  he really? ”

Then there are those who think that God is good but inconstant, in other words: the love of God depends on their successes or their failures …

Of course, if you sin, you grieve the Spirit of God in you, and if you do good, then the Holy Spirit is happy with your attitude.  However, beyond all this, God loves you.  If your kids get you good grades, you’re happy.  If the marks are bad you are sad.  However, your love for them is the same.  So it is with the love of the Heavenly Father for you.  God loves you, not in a picky, selective, or fickle way, but simply because you are his child.  The love of God is not changing but constant.

There is no shadow of variation in him, he is not a man to say today: “I love you”, then the next day: “I do not love you anymore”.  Live in peace and seek to please your God, not to deserve his love – for you already have it – but simply to rejoice his Father’s heart.

Wednesday October 28

The most important thing in life is how we see ourselves because our personal image plays a big role in our future. In fact, too many people in life say to themselves “I can’t do anything good, my family is  not well known enough, my parents do not have the connections to make it exceed, I did not do the right studies … “and this is totally false because the most important in life is not our diplomas,  our assets, our nationality and others, the most important in life is our state of mind.The bible tells us in the book of numbers 13-15 a time when the Israelites send to spy through Moses the land promised by God,  on the return from espionage after forty days, two observations were made.

The first observation is the Israelites who found that the land was impregnable because there were people and that it was impossible for them to take possession of the country.The second report is made by Caleb who says that this people was pregnable So what a paradox!

The same place two different reports, this is simply related to the fact that the two groups had a different perception of life.The first group saw themselves as losers, bums while the second saw themselves as killers of the giants  , people capable of overthrowing strongholds. Until you take the time to change your thought system by the word of God you will not be able to do anything good. The Bible tells us in the  book of Psalms 60:12 “with God we will do exploits” or Luke 1:37 that “nothing is impossible with God”.

King David could say in his day that “i am wonderfully and fearfully made”.

Declare with me this morning that “I am such a wonderful creature” and that “i can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me”

God Bless You

Tuesday October 27, 2020

Living in a world so connected and informed that it is easy for us to make decisions but my little experience of Christian life has made me realize that any act that one does without consulting God brings much frustration, bitterness and regret.From that I came to the conclusion that even for the most ordinary things I choose to ask for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Whatever it is to make a choice, to add a friend in my life, to come into contact with someone and others, I made the decision first to look for the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

The Bible tells us in the book of Proverbs 3: 5-6, “Please trust in the eternal with all your heart, and do not rely on your own wisdom. Admit it in all your ways, and he will straighten your paths.”

So my encouragement for this day and to encourage you to always recommend your fate to the eternal even for the most “ordinary” things.

God bless you!!

Monday Oct 26

 Be humble before God

The Bible shows us that King David was called “the man according to the heart of God” and that made him a good man in the eyes of God. However, in the book of Samuel 11-12 it is observed that King David, the man according to the heart of God lets sin enter into his life.. The story is that King David seems to have forgotten this sin until the prophet Nathan tells him about it. This sin begins with adultery, followed by murder and many other things as one sin always calls another. The story of the story is that King David seems to have forgotten this sin until the prophet Nathan tells him about it. Humble of heart recognizes his fault and humbles himself before God.

Psalms 51 is the collection of King David pleading for the mercy of God after his sin. In Psalms 51: 10 (51: 12) read, “O God! Create a pure heart in me, renew a well-disposed mind in me. ”

This mark of humility truly represents the heart of David who did not want to hide his sins and who went directly to the Father’s feet to ask for forgiveness. Sometimes in life we do acts of which we know that grieve the heart of God and the best solution in these cases is to go to God with a humble heart and say, “Jesus God! Create a pure heart in me »