September 2020 4th week


Take life as it comes

“So Don’t worry about the next day, because the next day will worry about himself. Every day his pain is enough”. Matthew 6:34

If on a trip we suddenly find ourselves stuck in a traffic jam triggered by an accident or weather, there is no point in opposing or resisting it. Only time or supernatural intervention by God could change the situation. Why not relax and try to find a way to take advantage of this weather?

God has equipped us to support life as it comes and that is why he tells us to focus only on “today”. He knows that if we spend time worrying about things that are not within our purview, we will quickly exhaust ourselves and end up being frustrated.

You Don’t have to waste your time trying to change or control things that are not in your power. Apply to the things that God has placed before you today and let him take care of the rest.


How do we move from regret to God’s favor?

“the Lord, having turned around, looked at Peter. And Peter remembered the word that the Lord had spoken to him, saying, before the rooster sings this day, you shall deny me three times. And when he came out, he cried bitterly. ” Luke  22.61-62


We all make mistakes. But the mistakes we make have more or less a powerful impact on our lives. Whether we do not know the Lord Jesus Christ or are earnestly committed to obey his will, mistakes do not spare us.

And these mistakes can be devastating when we become aware of them. They fill us with bitterness, anger towards ourselves, guilt …

Like Peter, while all the fibers of our heart and body convey this message, “Lord,” said Peter, “I am ready to go with you and to prison and death.” (Luke 22.33), we find ourselves some time later bitterly regretting some of our choices, some of our behaviors, some words spoken under anger, some of our reactions that have revealed our vulnerability. If you are to deeply regret deeds, words, intentions of heart that did not meet God’s will for your life at all, then you are on the right path.

This means that you are ready to live one of these pivotal moments that calls God’s grace on your life: it is repentance. A grace given by God, and God alone, through his son Jesus Christ. Given of his life for all those who are intimately convinced of the most extraordinary act of redemption of all time.


God is with you wherever you go

“do you not know that you are the temple of God and that the spirit of God dwells in you?” (1) Corinthians 3: 16

God lives inside you! We are sometimes so attached to the idea of an external God that we find it difficult to understand the power that remains in every man, woman or child born again. Wherever I am, God is here because he lives in me. When I walk on the street, God is here. When I drive my car, God is here. If I were to go to a bad neighborhood, God would be here. When I fly, God is here. Even if the apparatus is shaken by turbulence, God is here and I am not afraid.

Learn to discern the presence of God in you; the dynamics of each domain of your life will be transformed.


Choose your thoughts carefully

Proverb 4:23 says “ be careful what you think because your thoughts run your life” are your thoughts helping you or hurting you ?

Are you thinking power thoughts,victory thoughts,well able thoughts or you are thinking defeating thoughts ? “ ill never get well, never accomplish my dreams,I’ll never break this addiction”.By doing that you are choosing which direction your life is going to go therefore you must pay attention to what you are dwelling on.Do not just think any thoughts that come to your mind;if it is negative,fearful,discouraging don’t give it a time of day but turn it around and dwell in what god says about you.God bless you

Minister Seth

A constant love

“All excellent grace and perfect gift come down from above, from the Father of lights, where there is no change or shadow of variation”. James 1.17 James 1.17

Unfortunately many people remain in anguish before God because they have a bad image of him. They are worried and live their Christian life with trembling. (Jacques 1.17)

Some see God as a dazzling, insatiable and hard to satisfy being. They are in pain because they constantly seek to deserve his love, and be careful if they stumble …. Other people think that God is selective: “will he choose me?”, “does he really love me?”

Then there are those who think that God is good but inconstant, in other words: the love of God depends on their successes or failures …

Of course, if you sin, you grieve the spirit of God in you and if you do good, then the Holy spirit is happy with your attitude. However, beyond all this, God loves you. If your children bring you back good grades, you are happy. If the grades are bad, you’re sad. Nevertheless, your love for them is the same. So is the love of the Heavenly Father for you. God loves you, not in a dotted, selective or inconstant way, but simply because you are his child. God’s love is not changing but constant.

There is no shadow of variation in him, he is not a man to say today: “I love you”, then the next day: “I do not love you anymore”. Live in peace and seek to please your God, not to deserve his love-for you already have it-but simply to rejoice in his Father’s heart.

Minister Seth