Study Guide What Is Your Jordan?

Small group study guide for “Facing Your Jordan: Courage in the Face of Challenges”

Scripture Passages:
– Joshua 1:1-9
– Proverbs 3:6
– Isaiah 58:11

Observation Questions:
1. What challenges did Joshua face when he was about to cross the Jordan? How did God encourage him? [05:18]
2. What expectations did God have for Joshua and the Israelites in order to receive the Promised Land? [09:43]
3. How does Proverbs 3:6 and Isaiah 58:11-12 relate to the concept of submitting to God’s will and guidance? [16:54]

Interpretation Questions:
1. What does it mean to be “strong and courageous” in the context of these passages and the sermon? [08:12]
2. How does fear of failure, ego, and listening to others hinder us from submitting to God’s will? [15:27]
3. How does aligning ourselves with God’s will and living according to His principles affect our ability to help others? [19:02]

Application Questions:
1. What is your “Jordan” or the challenge you are currently facing? How can you apply the principle of being “strong and courageous” in this situation?
2. Reflect on a time when fear of failure, ego, or listening to others hindered you from submitting to God’s will. How can you overcome these obstacles in the future?
3. How can you better align yourself with God’s will and live according to His principles in your daily life?

Leader Notes:
– Encourage group members to share their personal “Jordan” or challenges and discuss how they can apply the principles from the sermon and scripture passages.
– For the interpretation questions, guide the group to understand the sermon’s main points and how they relate to the scripture passages.
– For the application questions, facilitate a discussion on practical ways to apply these principles in their daily lives. Encourage group members to share personal experiences and insights.