Thanksgiving All Year Round



This is a week Americans call Thanksgiving week,

Though most countries in the world don’t have any such thing,

Because of all God has done for us, it is proper to give thanks.

But here is a challenge; 1 Timothy 2 verse 1 (NLT)

I urge you, first of all, to pray for all people.

Ask God to help them; intercede on their behalf,


Giving thanks for all men?

Did you ever think that the Bible says something like that?

Do I have to give thanks for those who committed crimes yesterday?

I want to be realistic, I don’t want to pretend,

I certainly don’t give thanks for people who kill other people,

I rather intercede for them.

I see the verse in Timothy as this,

I give thanks for all the people, all men in the way they relate to me.

Somebody who does harm to me or somebody who does good to me,

Every human being who I have a connection with.

And we have connection with a lot of human beings,

In our office, unconverted relatives, College friends, Church family,

Some will do good and some will do foolish things or harmful things.

In relation to everyone of them, without exception,

I have to have a Spirit of Thankfulness.

And that is because I believe in Romans 8 verse 28,

God makes everything that all these human beings,

With whom I’m connected with work for my good.

All things mean every single thing that any human being,

Who has anything to do with me,

Whether they do or what they don’t do,

What they promise to do and don’t do,

What they hate me and do in order to harm me,

Whatever it is it makes absolutely no difference.

The things that people do accidentally which hurt me, okay,

The evil that someone is speaking about me, fine,

The way someone is angry with you, maybe your husband, maybe your wife.

Believe that God makes every single thing work together,

Not by itself but work together with everything else for my good.

And that good is not necessarily to make me wealthy or famous,

But the good is described in the next verse; Romans 8 verse 29,

God predestined me to become like Jesus His Son.

Having given us a helper to help keep God’s commands – the Holy Spirit,

The end game, The ultimate goal,

To be Holy like our elder brother – Jesus Christ.

All the things that people do to us may not make us wealthy,

We may suffer financial loss, the early Christians were thrown into jail,

Can we then give thanks?

If we believe Romans 8 verse 28 and 29,

It will not only be Thanksgiving week but Thanksgiving all year round.



The sermon “Being Thankful For Everything At All Times” by Brother Zac Poonen served as the inspiration for this poetry.